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Take Outs: Regular vs. Specials

Hello Hello. 

If you have called us in the past to order delivery or take-out, and when you start listing the entrees you want, you've mostly likely heard us asking whether you want the "Regular" or the "Special". And then you get really confused because you don't know the difference... So I am  going to explain here real quick:

The "Regular" order is the full portion of the order, which is served in a black box with a side box of steam rice like the following image:

Spicy Seafood - Regular

Spicy Seafood - Regular

The Lunch Special (before 3pm) or the Dinner Special (all day) has a smaller portion of the entree, and it would come with:

egg drop soup, 1 spring roll, and fried rice for lunch specials,


1 spring roll, 2 crab puffs, and fried rice for dinner specials. 

and the entree and rice would be served together in a two-compartment black box like the following image:

Sesame Chicken Lunch Special

Sesame Chicken Lunch Special

Hopefully this clears up any confusion. 

But if you still can't decide which one you want. Here are my two cents:

If you are planning to eat this by yourself while watching a couple episodes of Game of Thrones on Netflix and you have a small-normal appetite like me, the "Special" is more than enough food. You would get to snack on all the little bonuses like the soup, spring roll or crab puffs. But if you don't want all the extra stuff, go ahead with the "Regular" with a bigger portion and have leftovers for a late night snack while watching your 8th episode of the night. Or if you have a normal-big appetite, you can probably finish it in one sitting. 

Now that you have a better idea, our transactions should be even faster and smoother!

Happy Eating!!


Happy Holidays!!

Today is one of the few holidays when we would take a break. We apologize for not being able to take your call or order. But Mom and Dad have to come home for Christmas....  We'll be back tomorrow, the 26th. 

Also, we would like to thank all of you who have been supporting La Bella China for so many years, without you guys, we would not make it this far. Each and every one of you counts! We love see all your familiar faces; We love seeing families getting bigger and bigger, and we love your happy smiles when you eat at our restaurant. Thank you for bringing us Christmas cookies, brownies, candies, muffins, ice-cream, flowers, and many more. We feel very loved, and our family wish you a very happy holiday!!!


BBQ Pork Lo Mein

Stir fried thick lo mein noodles with bbq pork

This is one of my favorite dish! I love the the smell and the texture of the noodles, I sometime like to order it spicy for an extra rich flavor, or when it's an overcast day with warm wind blowing across the desert, I would just throw on some Sriracha sauce and nom away. 

BBQ Pork Lo Mein

Mongolian Chicken

If you're in the mood of heavier flavored dish that more on the meaty side, this Mongolian chicken would be a great option (beef option available), it has no vegetables except for onions! The chicken is stir-fried with a good amount of green and yellow onions in the mildly spicy Mongolian sauce to create a seductive aroma. This is definitely a dish that raises your appetite the minute you smell it. 

Mongolian Chicken Lunch

Kunpao Chicken

A couple years ago, we have switched the regular Styrofoam / White Chinese boxes to these microwavable plastic boxes with clear lids. Even though it is breaking the american Chinese food tradition and it is way more expensive for us to use these, but we find the effects to be highly beneficiall. Not only will the presentation of the food be better, the sauce WILL NOT leak onto the back of your new car, countertop, wooden table, or  the cleaned floor. It is worth the extra thirty cents. Because to us, every part of you food experience is important, and we don't want you to be frustrated while eating your food. We would like you to enjoy your food with no worries. 

Anyways, enough of my praises for these boxes... back to the Kungpao Chicken. 

This is one of the best selling dishes. I think people order this because they are craving the crunchiness, and this dish is full of the peanut kicks and crunches as they bite down the chicken along with the other crunchy vegetables that we put in. So, if you're in a crunchy and spicy mode, this will do. 

Kungpao Chicken