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Kunpao Chicken

A couple years ago, we have switched the regular Styrofoam / White Chinese boxes to these microwavable plastic boxes with clear lids. Even though it is breaking the american Chinese food tradition and it is way more expensive for us to use these, but we find the effects to be highly beneficiall. Not only will the presentation of the food be better, the sauce WILL NOT leak onto the back of your new car, countertop, wooden table, or  the cleaned floor. It is worth the extra thirty cents. Because to us, every part of you food experience is important, and we don't want you to be frustrated while eating your food. We would like you to enjoy your food with no worries. 

Anyways, enough of my praises for these boxes... back to the Kungpao Chicken. 

This is one of the best selling dishes. I think people order this because they are craving the crunchiness, and this dish is full of the peanut kicks and crunches as they bite down the chicken along with the other crunchy vegetables that we put in. So, if you're in a crunchy and spicy mode, this will do. 

Kungpao Chicken