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Take Outs: Regular vs. Specials

Hello Hello. 

If you have called us in the past to order delivery or take-out, and when you start listing the entrees you want, you've mostly likely heard us asking whether you want the "Regular" or the "Special". And then you get really confused because you don't know the difference... So I am  going to explain here real quick:

The "Regular" order is the full portion of the order, which is served in a black box with a side box of steam rice like the following image:

Spicy Seafood - Regular

Spicy Seafood - Regular

The Lunch Special (before 3pm) or the Dinner Special (all day) has a smaller portion of the entree, and it would come with:

egg drop soup, 1 spring roll, and fried rice for lunch specials,


1 spring roll, 2 crab puffs, and fried rice for dinner specials. 

and the entree and rice would be served together in a two-compartment black box like the following image:

Sesame Chicken Lunch Special

Sesame Chicken Lunch Special

Hopefully this clears up any confusion. 

But if you still can't decide which one you want. Here are my two cents:

If you are planning to eat this by yourself while watching a couple episodes of Game of Thrones on Netflix and you have a small-normal appetite like me, the "Special" is more than enough food. You would get to snack on all the little bonuses like the soup, spring roll or crab puffs. But if you don't want all the extra stuff, go ahead with the "Regular" with a bigger portion and have leftovers for a late night snack while watching your 8th episode of the night. Or if you have a normal-big appetite, you can probably finish it in one sitting. 

Now that you have a better idea, our transactions should be even faster and smoother!

Happy Eating!!